In case you have noticed that your computer is lagging in performance then most likely you will need to scan your registry and conduct repairs. This is because it is the registry where all activities within the computer like installation of new programs, changing monitor display settings, adding or deleting user accounts and backing up information are regulated. It is also during the activities of the registry that debris of deleted programs, invalid file paths and non functional registry keys are also created that in the long run reduce the performance of the registry. This disorder within the registry however can only be restored through direct editing of the keys or by using registry repair software. The former however is tricky and must only be done by experts with the know how to manipulate the keys without causing undue damage to the operating system.

For many computer users who don’t have the expert knowledge on how to run and manage system files and folders, a comprehensive and user friendly software is the best option as they will only need to follow instructions on the graphical user interface. When it comes to registry cleaning, foremost you will be required to download the program from the internet. Since there are hundreds of registry repair software outside there, you will need to do your investigations before downloading.  Reading from reliable tech review websites can give you good advice as to the best software that you can use.

Basically good repair software should be easy to use from the moment you download it through the process of utility. A good one should possess an intuitive user interface that has all the tools displayed with extra information on how to go about the processes. These are essential traits of a good registry repair software that you should download and use. The user interface can be confirmed from the screen shots that are provided for on the review websites.  Finally when you start using the component, a key process that should be included is information back up. This is a function that has to be provided for in any cleaner and optimizer that you are going to use. This particularly is essential incase some thing goes wrong during the scanning process.

After backing up the registry information, you can commence on the scanning which should not take long, basically few minutes. When it comes to scanning there are also many options that users can select whether it is a full scan or a custom scan.  You can select the types of keys that you want to scan and subsequently repair or optimize. Usually after the scan is complete, it is going to display a list of registry files which can then be cleaned. The user can opt to clean them or simply undo the whole process. Finally its important that you use a registry cleaner that matches your level of expertise as they exist in different categories.